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Lovense Edge 2 Prostate Massager is awesome for a whole lot of reasons

Makes you feel liberated. Packed with cool new technologies.

Designed to allow for stimulation without the need of hands.

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Original Price: $99 US Dollars

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Buy Edge 2 Prostate Massager

Meet Lovense Edge 2, a Bluetooth-enabled prostate massager with an adjustable neck for more intense and accurate P-Spot stimulation. It even has a larger bulb design💡to ensure better retention and stability during use.

Anyone want to play?

All packages are shipped and billed discreetly.

What's Different About Edge 2:

The fact that the head may be adjusted assures that it will be comfortable for the vast majority of guys. After the adjustment, the head does not move.
Dual, almost inaudible vibrators designed to maximize your pleasure.
Better toy retention may be achieved with a combination of a longer and thinner neck as well as a larger bulb.

Additional Superb Attributes:

IPX7 Waterproof
Between 1 and 1.7 Hours of Constant Use
Materials that are Body-Safe
Rechargeable through USB.
Warranty for One Year

Vibrations of an Extremely Powerful Nature:

Lovense ensures that each and every one of their toys has extremely strong vibrations.

Their Edge 2 prostate massager is the same as their previous models. It provides you with two strong vibrators for your enjoyment.

The absolutely free Lovense app grants you control over the whole spectrum of available intensities. You will always be able to locate your sweet spot, regardless of whether you desire mild or powerful vibrations.

Developed to be User-Friendly and Comfortable for Novice and Experienced Users Alike.

Edge was introduced in 2017 and was hailed as a new prostate massager. Not only did it provide incredibly powerful vibrations, but it also ensured a comfortable and discrete experience. In addition to this, it included dual vibrations, which promised powerful sensations. Adjustability was the most crucial aspect of this product; having a head that could be moved meant that it was comfortable for the majority of guys. The adjustable head did not move at all while it was being used, which is arguably the most important point.

The numerous improvements made to Edge 2 make it an even more alluring product than its predecessor. A magnetic charging connector makes the process of charging a device more streamlined and convenient. A more reliable connection is achieved by the antenna having a layout and design that has been improved. In order to maximize the benefits of the adjustable and insertable arm, we improved the design of the Edge 2 by adding a larger bulb immediately above the neck. This new design offers increased stability as well as P-spot stimulation that is far more potent. Users will be able to experience vibrations that are stronger and last longer thanks to the improved battery. You won't want to pass up the opportunity to get this experience, would you?

The following items are contained within your Edge 2 Bag: Massager for the Prostate that Uses Bluetooth®, USB cable for charging devices, User manual and Storage bag.

Step-by-step Instructions for Using Your Edge Prostate Massager

To turn the device on or off, press firmly and hold the ON/OFF button for three to five seconds. When turned on, there will be a brief vibration lasting one second.

Before beginning the charging process, ensure that the device is turned off. To begin the charging process, the cable may be inserted into any available USB port or USB/AC power converter. The device will be completely charged when roughly one hundred minutes have passed.

During the charging process, the indication light will remain lit. When it has reached its maximum capacity, the constant red light will go out. You may check the battery indicator inside the app if you are unclear as to whether or not it has been completely charged.

A magnetic charger is what this device is. Make sure there is a constant red light while you are trying to charge the device.

Maintenance and cleaning instructions for your Edge 2 Prostate Massager

Please ensure that your gadget is cleaned both before and after each usage.

Wash with lukewarm water and a little bit of gentle soap (or a sex toy cleaner).

Before putting it away, make sure it's completely dry.

Keep away from temperatures that are too hot or cold.

DO NOT boil in water (the battery may explode or water could leak into the toy).

Ensure that your toy is at least partially charged once every six months at the absolute least.

Lubricant: Prior to insertion, make sure that the interior of the sleeve, the entry hole, and your penis are all well coated with lubricant. Lubricant that is water based has the potential to dry up fast, necessitating further applications. For the smoothest and most enjoyable encounter, we advise going with the Lovense Water-Based Lubricant.

Advice on How to Use the Edge 2 Prostate Massager

When adjusting Edge 2, use one hand to firmly grasp the base and neck, and use the other hand to bend the insertable section. You may need to do some experimenting and make appropriate adjustments to the neck angle, but once you have found the ideal fit, it will stay in that position as long as there is not a significant amount of force applied to the neck.

Caution: If you are unfamiliar with analogical play, please investigate the proper procedures to follow so that you can prevent any problems. Users of Edge 2 do so at their own peril; neither the manufacturer nor the reseller will accept responsibility or liability for any issues that may arise from using this product. If you experience any discomfort when inserting it or while using it, you should cease using it immediately.

Appropriate for use with:

iOS 11.0 and subsequent versions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Android versions later than 5.0 (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

Pair with iOS/Android/Mac

1. To turn the toy on, first press and hold the ON/OFF button located on Edge 2. When turned on and ready to pair, it will signal this with a flashing light.

2. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.

3. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button once you have located the item. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. The toy that you have can now be controlled using your smartphone.

You will only need to pair your toy with another device once. The following time, it ought to connect to your smartphone on its own automatically.

The Lovense Remote app will display the signal of the connection with your toy in the form of an icon after it has successfully connected with the app. On the Lovense Remote app, it will change to the Pairing Your Toy symbol when it detects a compatible device. if there is a disconnect there. If it is paired, it will immediately reconnect if it becomes disconnected.

Edge 2 in conjunction with the PC

1. To turn the toy on, first press and hold the ON/OFF button located on Edge 2. When turned on, a blinking light will show that it is active.

2. Locate an open USB port on your computer and plug the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter into it.

3. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.

4. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button after the item has been located. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. Your personal computer now has the capability of controlling your toy.

Developing a Relationship With A Partner Using Edge 2

1. Select the "Long-Distance" tab from the menu.

2. To add a contact, tap the "+" button. After entering their username, hit the "Add" button.

3. Your partner will appear on this page once they have accepted the request that you have sent them.

When you are texting, pressing the button will bring up a list of control choices.

You are able to personalize the experience for each of your partners by adjusting the parameters. To make changes to your preferences, click the "Settings" button.

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