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Buy a Lovense Gemini Vibrator sold by for $69 US Dollars

Gemini adjustable-vibrating, nipple clamps, that can be controlled through smartphone app are a first of their kind.

Nipple clamps that can be adjusted: Our customers can enjoy the full range of sensations by adjusting the power of the two motors, which operate the pinch and vibration features.


Buy a Lovense Gemini Vibrator for $69 US Dollars


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1. Kiiroo FeelConnect-compatible nipple clamps

Though Kiiroo doesn't produce dedicated Bluetooth nipple clamps, there are third-party nipple clamps that can be adapted to work with the Kiiroo FeelConnect app using Bluetooth.


a. Compatibility: These clamps can be connected to the Kiiroo FeelConnect app, allowing for interactive experiences.
b. Adjustable pressure: Many nipple clamps offer adjustable pressure to suit individual preferences and comfort levels.
c. Versatility: These clamps can be used for both solo play and couple's play, with or without the app.


a. Requires adaptation: These nipple clamps require modification to work with the FeelConnect app, which may not be ideal for all users.
b. Limited options: There may be a limited number of third-party clamps compatible with the FeelConnect app.
c. Connectivity issues: Users may experience occasional connectivity problems with the app and the adapted nipple clamps.

Buy a Lovense Gemini Vibrator for $69 US Dollars

2. MysteryVibe Crescendo

While not a dedicated nipple clamp, the MysteryVibe Crescendo can be bent and adjusted to stimulate nipples.


a. Flexibility: The MysteryVibe Crescendo can be bent and adjusted to fit various body shapes and stimulate different areas, including nipples.
b. Customizable vibrations: The MysteryVibe app allows users to create their own patterns and control the intensity of vibrations.
c. Waterproof: The Crescendo is waterproof, offering the option to use it in the bath or shower.


a. Not specifically designed for nipple use: As with the Lovense Domi, the Crescendo is not a dedicated nipple clamp and may not provide the same level of focused stimulation.
b. Price: The MysteryVibe Crescendo is also relatively expensive compared to traditional nipple clamps.
c. Learning curve: Users may need time to learn how to adjust and use the Crescendo effectively for nipple stimulation.

Buy a Lovense Gemini Vibrator for $69 US Dollars


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