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Lovense Hush 2 Butt Plug Review: The First App-Remote-Controlled Vibrating Butt Plug in the History of the World

Powerful. Smooth. Comfortable.

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Lovense Hush 2, the world's first app-controlled vibrating butt plug. Powerful, smooth, and comfortable. With four sizes ranging from XS to large, your eyes will roll just like his:

Vibrations of an Extremely Powerful Nature: Fancy a Session in the Comfort of Your Own Home? Do you like playing in public? Feel the rumbling sensations wherever you are.

Sleek and silky: Designed to be worn comfortably for either a short or a lengthy period of time.

Magnetic Charging Port: Simply clip the charging wire onto the Hush 2 to begin an error-free and sanitary charge.

Materials that are Body-Safe
Vibrations that are Powerful and IPX7 Waterproof USB Rechargeable
Warranty for One Year

There is a choice between four different sizes: 1 inch, 1.5 inches, 1.75 inches, and 2.25 inches.

The Hush 2 (1 Inch) is an excellent choice for new players.

Really smooth and simple to take off
Use for up to 2 hours straight at a time.
Excellent for use in bed as well as lengthy play in public settings
The flared base, which guarantees safety

Experiment with a variety of sizes to increase your anal pleasure: No matter which size you choose, every single Hush 2 is crafted entirely from silicone, is totally impervious to water, can be controlled via an app, is comfortable to wear, and is unobtrusive. Everyone of them would make an excellent partner for anal play, whether it be engaging in sexual activity at home, at work, at clubs, or in any other public setting.

The Lovense Remote app has these features:

Control at a Close Range
Control at a Great Distance
An Infinite Variety of Vibration Patterns
Synchronize with the music, activate the sound, and adjust the vibration levels

The following items are contained within your Hush Butt Plug Box:

Bluetooth Hush Butt Plug
Storage bag
USB cable for charging devices.
User manual

Reviews Made by Real Hush 2 Customers

This is by far the most impressive, effective, and pleasurable vibrating plug I have ever utilized (and I have tried many). And the energy stays for such a long time. I can't express how grateful I am that you conceived of it and brought it to market. Both in private and in public settings, I utilized it. A very remarkable plaything in EVERY respect! I am in LOVE with the larger size!!! I really appreciate your help. According to Ryan from Lincoln, United Kingdom, "this is now my go-to plug - will use as often as possible."

Hush 2 (2.25 in) User: To tell you the truth, I adore it. It feels wonderful, and I didn't have too much experience with any kind of anal play before now. According to Peter from Canada, who is from Canada, he might use it in public because it has the ability to control the sound quite effectively and there shouldn't be any alterations done to that scale.

Hush 2 (1 in) User: The smaller base with the flared top is more comfortable, and it kept a bluetooth connection more reliably. Even if you stepped away from the phone and then back into range, it was able to reconnect with you in a satisfactory manner. According to Diego in Mexico, the second generation of Hush appeared to have a lifespan that was far longer than that of the first generation.

Hush 2 (1.5 in) User: To begin, I have to say that the new layout's straightforward nature pleasantly pleased me when I saw it. The removal of the spiral makes it a breeze to clean up any mess that may have been made. According to Wing from Hong Kong, the new way of charging means that there is no longer a location at which you need to worry about the infiltration of water or dirt.

How to Begin with the Hush Butt Plug

To turn the device on or off, press down firmly and hold for three to five seconds. When turned on, there will be a brief vibration lasting one second.

Before beginning the charging process, ensure that the device is turned off. To begin the charging process, the cable may be inserted into any available USB port or USB-to-AC power converter. The device will be completely charged when around 70 minutes have passed. During the charging process, the indication light will remain lit. When it has reached its maximum capacity, the constant red light will go out. You may check the battery indicator inside the app if you are unclear as to whether or not it has been completely charged.

Maintenance and Upkeep of the Hush Butt Plug

Please ensure that your gadget is cleaned both before and after each usage.
Wash with lukewarm water and a little bit of gentle soap (or a sex toy cleaner).
Before putting it away, make sure it's completely dry.
Keep away from temperatures that are too hot or cold.
DO NOT boil in water (the battery may explode or water could leak into the toy).

Ensure that your toy is at least partially charged once every six months at the absolute least.

It is imperative that you do not link the charging wire to any items that are made of metal or stainless steel in any way.

Lubricant: If you want to prevent any problems, you should only use lubrication that is water-based. DO NOT make use of lubricants that are based on silicone or oil. Apply a good amount of lubrication to both the product and yourself before beginning the insertion process. Lubricant that is water-based has the potential to dry out, so you should reapply it as necessary. For the smoothest and most enjoyable encounter, we advise going with the Lovense Water-Based Lubricant.

Advice on How to Use a Hush Butt Plug

In order to get the maximum potential connection range, you should turn the base so that the curved end is towards your back. In addition to that, you need to make sure the phone is facing in the approximate direction of the plug.

Caution: If you are unfamiliar with analogical play, please investigate the proper procedures to follow so that you can prevent any problems. Users of the Hush Plug do so at their own discretion and risk; neither the manufacturer nor the reseller bears any responsibility or liability for the Hush Plug. If you experience any discomfort when inserting it or while using it, you should cease using it immediately.

Appropriate for use with:

iOS 11.0 and subsequent versions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Android versions later than 5.0 (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Mac.

1. To turn on the toy, turn the ON/OFF button on Hush and press and hold it. When turned on and ready to pair, it will signal this with a flashing light.

2. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.

3. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button once you have located the item. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. The toy that you have can now be controlled using your smartphone.

You will only need to pair your toy with another device once. The following time, it ought to connect to your smartphone on its own automatically.

This icon lets you know that the Lovense Remote app and your toy are successfully connected together. displays the signal that the connection is sending. On the Lovense Remote app, it will change to the Pairing Your Toy symbol when it detects a compatible device. if there is a disconnect there. If it is paired, it will immediately reconnect if it becomes disconnected.

In conjunction with the PC

1. To turn on the toy, turn the ON/OFF button on Hush and press and hold it. When turned on, a blinking light will show that it is active.

2. Locate an open USB port on your computer and plug the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter into it.

3. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.

4. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button after the item has been located. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. Your personal computer now has the capability of controlling your toy.

Instructions for Programming a Hush Butt Plug

1. After you have successfully paired Hush with your phone, navigate to the My Toys area and touch on the Hush panel there.

2. To view the available programming options, press the "Program" button.

3. To make changes to the first three levels, tap the "Adjust Levels" button.

4. To add a predefined pattern to Hush, use the "Create New Pattern" option.

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