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The Lovense Hyphy is a remote-controlled, double-sided dildo that may be used on the clitoris, G-spot, and nipples

Dual. Multiuse. Efficient. Special Price: $99 US Dollars after 50% Discount

Original Factory Price: $199 US Dollars

Product Grade: A+

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  • 1. Versatility: Double-sided dildos are versatile toys that can be used for a variety of sexual activities, such as vaginal and anal penetration, or simultaneous stimulation of two partners. They can also be used for solo play, allowing individuals to experience double penetration.
  • 2. Enhanced intimacy: Using a double-sided dildo can enhance intimacy between partners and promote a deeper level of trust and connection. It allows partners to explore new sensations and experiment with different positions and movements.


  • 1. Size and shape: Double-sided dildos come in various sizes and shapes, which can make it difficult to find one that works well for both partners. Some may find them too long, thick or curved, causing discomfort or pain.
  • 2. Cleanliness: Double-sided dildos can be difficult to clean properly, especially if they have a complex design or texture. Proper cleaning and storage are important to avoid the spread of bacteria and infections.


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King Cock Double Penetrator:


  • Dual penetration design for a unique and satisfying experience
  • Realistic texture and design for a lifelike experience
  • Affordable price compared to other double-sided dildos


  • Material is porous and may require extra cleaning
  • May be too thick for some users who prefer a slimmer design
  • May require extra lubrication for comfortable use

Price: The King Cock Double Penetrator costs around $28 to $40 depending on the retailer.


Fun Factory Sharevibe:


  • Ergonomic design with curved shape and angled head for optimal stimulation
  • Vibrating bullet included for added stimulation
  • High-quality silicone material that is non-porous and easy to clean


  • Expensive price compared to other double-sided dildos
  • Heavy weight may be uncomfortable for some users
  • May require some practice to use effectively and comfortably

Price: The Fun Factory Sharevibe costs around $129 to $149 depending on the retailer.


Tantus Feeldoe Stout:


  • Unique design that doesn't require a harness for support
  • Dual penetration design for a unique and satisfying experience
  • Made from high-quality silicone material that is non-porous and easy to clean


  • Expensive price compared to other double-sided dildos
  • May be too large for some users who prefer a slimmer design
  • May require some practice to use effectively and comfortably

Price: The Tantus Feeldoe Stout costs around $140 to $170 depending on the retailer.


Two Motors: one high-frequency, ultra-strong tip for the clitoris, and another powerful G-Spot vibrator at the base of the device.

Extremely Flexible: It has two different motors, three different attachments, and endless different ways to play with it.

Super Effective: Make sure you don't forget the capital letter 'O' (even on the go).

Hyphy is a single toy that allows you to experience a wide variety of pleasures, and you may do this by using it in a variety of various ways. Vibrations with a high frequency end will knock your socks off in a matter of seconds. You might also make use of the powerful G-Spot vibrator located on the opposite end for extended sessions, either solo or with a partner.

A number of different attachments may be found on the high-frequency end.

Hyphy is a dual sex toy, or a "2-in-1" if you'd rather put it that way. A g-spot vibrator is located at one end of the device. On the opposite side, you'll find a high-frequency end. If you're not familiar with this sort of feature, picture a magic wand that's far more compact and potent than the one you're used to seeing.

The product comes in a box designed in the typical Lovense fashion, complete with an instruction booklet and the toy inside. However, there is one item that stands out as rather distinct. Instead of coming in a satin baggie, the toy has its own hard case that can be used for storing it and charging it. Additionally, there are three purple nibs for usage on the smaller end of the pen.

In addition, just like all other goods, you may use the accompanying mobile app to manage it (or have a partner control it).

The functionality is not very complicated to use. If you hold down really firmly on the "up" arrow, it will go to the high frequency end of the spectrum. Then all you have to do is quickly hit one of the buttons to move between the different vibrating levels and partners.

Simply push the down button firmly and the motor will switch directions, allowing you to turn on the opposite end (the g-spot end). By rapidly pressing the up and down buttons, you may navigate through the many levels and patterns.

Another brand that has the high frequency end that I've tried is this one. Therefore, I had a general idea of what to anticipate and how to proceed with the testing. The end with the g-spot does not require a spotlight; nevertheless, the other end... If you are interested in giving it a try, I have several recommendations for you.

As soon as I switched it on, I was immediately aware of what action I needed to do.

When dealing with high frequency endings, you should NEVER proceed directly to the clit. There is no exaggeration about the potency of the vibrations. At least, that's how I went about it! What you do is carefully move the nib about till you're nice and ready to go for your happy place. Due to the fact that it was so difficult, I was unable to get past the second level.

The three different nubs that are included in the casing of a Hyphy toy are what set it unique from other toys in its category:

1. A nub of a standard spherical
2. The "claw" nub that is used for clutching the clitch
3. Use your "tongue" nub as a gateway to the sensation of oral sex.

I had a lot of fun with all three of them, but the tongue nib was my absolute favorite. It helped to lessen the intensity somewhat while still being able to knock my socks off. It should be noted that it will not be able to perform the functions of a human tongue. The feeling is just alluded to here and there.

Other fascinating aspects that Lovense Hyphy has include:

It is not difficult to clean.
It's waterproof
The housing also functions as a power supply port.
It is condensed down to a little size.
Nipples and other body parts may have a lot of fun with this toy.

I couldn't be happier that there is a new hue to complement the classics like black and pink.

You'll feel right at home on the little end of the table if you're a powerhouse. The g-spot end functions similarly to Lovense's other vibrators, but the fact that it is included with the toy is a great bonus. As a result, if you purchase the toy but aren't satisfied with the little end, you haven't actually lost anything. The fact that it can be used in two different ways also makes it an excellent deal.

On the other hand, I wouldn't recommend Hyphy to someone who has particularly sensitive parts (and doesn't appreciate having them mimicked with the sex toy equivalent of an earthquake) because of the way that it feels.

To turn the device on or off, press the ON/OFF button firmly and hold it down for three to five seconds. When turned on, there will be a brief vibration lasting one second.

Before beginning the charging process, ensure that the device is turned off. To begin the charging process, the cable may be inserted into any available USB port or USB/AC power converter. The device will be completely charged when roughly 75 minutes have passed. During the charging process, the indication light will remain lit. When it has reached its maximum capacity, the constant red light will go out. You may check the battery indicator inside the app if you are unclear as to whether or not it has been completely charged.

The magnetic charger will only function properly if it is positioned in the appropriate location. In the event that a solid red light does not activate, flip the wire around by 180 degrees.


Maintenance and Upkeep

Please ensure that your gadget is cleaned both before and after each usage.
Wash with lukewarm water and a little bit of gentle soap (or a sex toy cleaner).
Before putting it away, make sure it's completely dry.
Avoid exposure to temperatures that are very hot or cold. You should try to remember to give your toy a charge at least once every six months.

Lubricant: If you want to prevent any problems, you should only use lubrication that is water-based. DO NOT make use of lubricants that are based on silicone or oil. Apply a good amount of lubrication to both the product and yourself before beginning the insertion process. Lubricant that is water-based has the potential to dry out, so you should reapply it as necessary. For the smoothest and most enjoyable encounter, we advise going with the Lovense Water-Based Lubricant.

Hyphy Vibrator Usage Tips

It is essential to thoroughly apply lubricant to both your body and the toy before engaging in sexual activity.

You have the ability to tailor the low, medium, and high settings to your preferences.

Once you enter the programming mode in our app, Hyphy will allow you to save up to ten different patterns that you have created.

If this is your first time, we recommend adjusting the High-Frequency End vibration to a low level and/or utilizing the attachments. After that, test different speeds and make adjustments until you discover the one that works best for you.

Open the attachments' plastic cover plate on the "arrow" side.

The Hyphy Vibrator is Compatible with the Following:

iOS 11.0 and subsequent versions for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch
Android versions later than 5.0 (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Mac (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Windows PC (needs a Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter to connect)

Hyphy Vibrator is compatible with iOS, Android, and Mac

1. To turn on the toy, turn the ON/OFF button of Hyphy on and hold it down. When turned on and ready to pair, it will signal this with a flashing light.
2. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.
3. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button once you have located the item. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. The toy that you have can now be controlled using your smartphone.

You will only need to pair your toy with another device once. The following time, it ought to connect to your smartphone on its own automatically.

Connect the Hyphy Vibrator with the computer

1. To turn on the toy, turn the ON/OFF button of Hyphy on and hold it down. When turned on, a blinking light will show that it is active.

2. Locate an open USB port on your computer and plug the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter into it.

3. Open the Lovense Remote app and select the item labeled Pairing Your Toy from the menu.

4. To start the search, tap the plus sign. Tap the "Done" button after the item has been located. As long as it is connected, the indicator light will remain on. Your personal computer now has the capability of controlling your toy.

Instructions on How to Program the Hyphy Vibrator

1. Once you have successfully paired Hyphy with your phone, navigate to the My Toys area and tap on the Hyphy panel there.

2. To view the available programming options, press the "Program" button.

3. To make changes to the first three levels, tap the "Adjust Levels" button.

4. To add a predefined pattern to Hyphy, use the "Create New Pattern" option.

The Hyphy is a dual-end vibrator that can be adjusted to a wide variety of different vibration levels. The Lovense app gives you the option to select a power level that is tailored to your specific requirements.

What exactly is contained within the Hyphy package that is shipped? 1 x Hyphy Vibrator + User Manual for the Bluetooth Dual-End Vibrator, Attachments, Charging/Storage Case and USB Charging Cable.

Genuine Feedback from Lovense Hyphy Customers

The only other Lovense toys I own are either pink or black, so the fact that this one was purple was a welcome change. I thought the design was interesting, and it had a good texture to it. Sarah from the United States of America said that the vibrations were rather strong.

To tell you the truth, I like everything about this plaything, remarked Rebecca from Canada.

The majority of the time, I enjoy using the toy since it unquestionably satisfies my needs on both ends and provides a really intense orgasmic experience. Elena from Hungary commented that she liked the purple hue and all three attachments since they perform really well.

Is it an eggplant? An electric toothbrush? Itís a dual-ended vibrator by Lovense for high frequency pinpointed stimulation on one end, and powerful g-spot stimulation on the other...Wanna leave your SO squirming in ecstasy?


Reach those orgasms quicker than ever with the Hyphy, Lovense's dual-ended high-frequency vibrator that delivers pinpoint 📌 stimulation to your most sensitive areas 🍆


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Their items are private and personal, thus they cannot promise satisfaction. If it hurts, stop using. This gadget should not be used on irritated or swollen regions of your body to avoid harm or aggravation.

Their warranty excludes defects or damage caused by improper use (as stated in the product user manual), normal wear and tear, commercial use, lack of proper maintenance, inadequate installation, negligence, natural disasters, accidents, acts of God, abusive use, accident, modifications, or unauthorized repairs.

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