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Made For Fun

Multiple-sensation, 360-degree vibrating sleeves
Rechargeable, Body-safe, Wireless
Contractions 360-Degrees with Sensations
Stimulates while stroking most sizes
Adjustable suction vent
Vaginal sleeve: Available for purchase on Lovense Store.
Control contractions and vibrations.

Max 2 has innovative software that makes it realistic.

Smartphone remote control.
Control your toy from miles away.
Sync with Nora or another Max/Max 2 for long-distance sex.

Lovense Max's History

2011 - Lovense released their first male sex toy. We tried to develop the finest men's sex toy using smartphone technology. Connecting to a female toy, it delivered signals based on user actions. Our first male sex toy was never commercially accessible since its female equivalent never made it through development.

2013 - Lovense's second-generation male sex toy debuted on IndieGoGo. We built on our previous design to create one of the top male sex toys. It was the first app-controlled male masturbator. The air pump feature makes this a unique masturbation sleeve.

Since Max's launch, he's been constantly updated. Yearly upgrades include hardware/software updates, casing/sleeve modifications, water resistance, charging methods, vibration strengths, an air vent, sensor enhancements, and packaging.

2019 - Max 2's release is enormous. Lovense upgraded the toy's performance and hardware, and we altered its appearance. Max 2's enhanced sleeve, 360-degree contractions, and revamped vibrator are the product of continual research, feedback, and improvements. Add simpler charging, longer battery life, and enhanced sensors. This new Lovense teledildonic is memorable.

Box contents for Max 2

Max 2 Bluetooth Male Masturbator (Includes Neutral Hole Sleeve), User Manual and other goodies.

Max 2 User Reviews

I was able to come without moving, feel the vibe and pressure, and it nearly seemed genuine while utilizing preprogrammed patterns. - Sam from US

The added grip ribbels increase the design's aesthetics and comfort. New buttons are preferable than old ones (easer to wipe clean). - Matt Russell, UK

I was able to come without moving, feel the vibe and pressure, and it nearly seemed genuine while utilizing preprogrammed patterns. - John Bolton from Sydney, Australia

Max 2 Basics


Turn On/Off ------- Press and Hold Button A (for 3 seconds)

Tap Button A ----- Toggles Vibration Speeds

Tap Button B ----- Toggles Air Pump Settings

Charge the device off. Any USB port or USB/AC adapter may charge the cable. Charging takes 2 hours. The solid red light turns off when completely charged.

Magnetic chargers only operate when properly positioned. If charging fails, spin the cord 180 degrees. DO NOT USE THE TOY WHILE CHARGING.

Max 2 Male Masturbator Care

After each usage, clean your gadget.
Warm water. Soap might ruin the inside sleeve.
Store dry.
Avoid excessive temperatures.
Every six months, recharge your toy.

Max 2 Tips

Ventilation adjustable: Adjustable Air Vent adjusts suction.
Free Air: Use the Quick Air Release if the pressure is too high.

Before insertion, lubricate the sleeve, entrance hole, and penis. Water-based lubricant may dry rapidly, so reapply. Lovense Water-Based Lubricant is recommended.

Max 2 can be used with:

iOS 11.0 or later
5.x Android (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Apple (with Bluetooth 4.0 enabled)
Windows PC (requires Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter).


1. Turn on Max 2 by holding its ON/OFF button. When activated and ready to pair, a light flashes.

2. Click Lovense Remote's Pairing Your Toy icon.

Tap "+" to search. Tap "Done" after finding the toy. The linked light stays on. Smartphones can control toys.

Once paired, your gadget works. It should connect to your phone automatically next time.

This icon means your toy is partnered with Lovense Remote. connection signal. The Lovense Remote app will transition to Pairing Your Toy. disconnection. Auto-reconnect if linked.


1. Turn on Max 2 by holding its ON/OFF button. On lights flash.

2. Plug the Lovense USB Bluetooth Adapter into your PC.

3. Click Lovense Remote's Pairing Your Toy icon.

Tap "+" to search. Tap "Done" after finding toy. The linked light stays on. PC-controlled toys are currently available.

Max 2 Partnering

1. Click "Long-Distance."

Add a contact by tapping "+." Add their username.

3. Once your companion agrees, they'll appear here.

Press the button to access message controls.

You can alter partner settings. To customize, click "Settings."


Max 2, Lovense’s most iconic masturbator💦Designed for your pleasure. Feel its 360° contractions suck you, you won’t even want to pull 🍆 out!


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