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Bluetooth Vibrators Review


The Rise of Bluetooth Vibrators: A Game-Changer in the Adult Toy Industry

The adult toy industry has experienced a technological revolution in recent years, with the advent of Bluetooth vibrators taking the market by storm. These innovative devices, designed for both solo and couple play, offer users a level of control and customization never seen before. As the demand for these products increases, major brands are recording impressive growth rates. In this article, we will delve into the burgeoning world of Bluetooth vibrators, supported by industry revenue reports and highlighting the top-performing brands.

The Bluetooth Vibrator Market: The global adult toy market is projected to grow at a CAGR of 9.3% from 2021 to 2028, reaching a valuation of approximately $45.9 billion by 2028 (source: Grand View Research). The Bluetooth vibrator segment has been a significant contributor to this growth, with more and more consumers seeking app-controlled, interactive, and long-distance intimacy options.

Top Brands and Their Growth Rates

Several brands have emerged as leaders in the Bluetooth vibrator market, offering an array of products that cater to diverse preferences and needs.

The rise of Bluetooth vibrators has undeniably disrupted the adult toy industry, offering consumers unprecedented control and customization options. As the demand for these products continues to grow, it is clear that major brands are reaping the rewards. The success of companies like Lovense, We-Vibe, OhMiBod, Vibease, and Kiiroo highlights the significance of embracing technological advancements and addressing the evolving needs of modern consumers.


Pros and Cons of Lovense Bluetooth Vibrators

Lovense is a well-known brand in the teledildonic industry that offers a variety of remote-controlled and interactive sex toys. Below are some pros and cons of Lovense products:




Lovense Competitors

Lovense is a leading brand in the teledildonic industry, creating interactive and remote-controlled sex toys. Here are five of its competitors and the pros and cons of each:

















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Lovense Sex Toys Comparison Table

Compare various Lovense sex toys against each other and then buy the ones that suit your needs.

Lovense Toy Name Discounted Price LGBTQ+ Friendly Functions For Body Stimulation Power Lovense Remote App Dual Sensory Function Compactness Wearable on Body Two-person Engagement Purchase Online
Lush 3 $ 119.00 Yes Female Inside the Human Body Powerful and rumbustious Yes No Yes Yes No Buy on Lovense Store
Gravity $ 139.00 Yes Female and Male Inside the Human Body Powerful Yes Yes Yes No Yes Buy on Lovense Store
Gemini $ 74.00 Yes Female Nipples Clit Anywhere Two Powerful Motors Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Buy on Lovense Store
Flexer $ 109.00 Yes Female Inside the Human Body Very Strong Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Buy on Lovense Store
Tenera $ 99.00 Yes Female Outside the Human Body Strong Yes Yes Yes No Yes Buy on Lovense Store
Nora $ 99.00 Yes Female Both Inside and Outside the Human Body Strong Yes Yes No No Yes Buy on Lovense Store
Osci 2 $ 99.00 Yes Female Inside the Human Body Oscillating Yes No No No No Buy on Lovense Store
Hyphy $ 99.00 Yes Female Both Inside and Outside the Human Body Extremely powerful and emitting a high frequency Yes No No No No Buy on Lovense Store
Ferri $ 99.00 Yes Female Outside the Human Body Strong Yes No Yes Yes No Buy on Lovense Store
Exomoon $ 69.00 Yes Female Outside the Human Body Powerful and rumbustious Yes No Yes No No Buy on Lovense Store
Dolce $ 119.00 Yes Female Both Inside and Outside the Human Body Powerful and rumbustious Yes Yes No Yes No Buy on Lovense Store
Ambi $ 59.00 Yes Female Outside the Human Body Strong Yes No Yes No No Buy on Lovense Store
Lovense Sex Machine $ 699.00 Yes Female & Male Inside the Human Body/Anal Powerful and rumbustious Yes Yes No No No Buy on Lovense Store
Hush 2 $ 99.00 Yes Female & Male Anal Powerful and rumbustious Yes No Yes Yes No Buy on Lovense Store
Domi 2 $ 99.00 Yes Female & Male Outside the Human Body Superstrong & Rumbly Yes No No No No Buy on Lovense Store
Max 2 $ 99.00 Yes Male Penis Strong Yes Yes No No Yes Buy on Lovense Store
Gush $ 99.00 Yes Male Penis Powerful and rumbustious Yes No Yes Yes No Buy on Lovense Store
Edge 2 $ 69.00 Yes Male Anal Powerful and rumbustious Yes Yes Yes Yes No Buy on Lovense Store
Calor $ 99.00 Yes Male Penis Strong and Rumbly Yes Yes Yes No Yes Buy on Lovense Store
Diamo $ 99.00 Yes Male Penis Strong and Rumbly Yes No Yes Yes No Buy on Lovense Store

Both my husband and I adore it to an incredible degree.

  • Since I live in Washington and he lives in Nevada, neither of us had very high hopes that it would work out over long distance.
  • After I had obtained it and read the accompanying instructions, proceeding was uncomplicated.
  • Therefore, a huge amount of gratitude is in order for the creation of such an incredible product!
  • I plan to place further orders with you. You've just won yourself a lifelong client. - Kirabo Parker, United States


We are having a wonderful time with our Lush 3. In the past, we had a Lush 2, but after X amount of years, we decided it was time to move up to a newer model.

  • The Lush 3 is producing a more intense pounding, which is causing the wife to have much more intense orgasms.
  • We use it each and every time we go grocery shopping, and it has really added a lot of pleasure to the experience. - Shad Rac McCarthy from United States

I had simply purchased a MAX2, but after a few days it stopped working and could no longer be charged. I'm not sure what caused this problem.

  • Therefore, I wrote to support and described my concern to them, as well as the fact that I'm not very enthusiastic about it, and I requested if I could trade it in for a GUSH.
  • Because my warranty was still valid, they were able to swap out the faulty gadget for a new one without any issues, and now I am completely content with their service. - Nagoras, Germany

Previously, I've experimented with a few toys from a variety of online and retailers.

  • To this point, NOTHING can compete with the Nora that I recently purchased.
  • When I tested it out with the person I am in a long-distance relationship with, I was rendered speechless.
  • I never imagined that a simple combination of vibration and spin could make me feel content, yet here we are.
  • I was very surprised by how quickly the package arrived, and it was packaged quite discreetly as well.
  • Lovense and the toys that they sell come highly recommended from me. My partner is on the verge of purchasing the Max 2, and I have no doubt that he will like it. - Cristalia Santiago Caballero, United States

I adore it. It has a lot of power, and the application works really well.

  • It is not difficult to learn how to utilize video chatting software once you have given your conversation partner control of the device.
  • When attached to the toy holder, the app video microphone has a lower background noise level than when attached to the controller.
  • 10 out of 10 would buy again, and also would consider purchasing further toys made by this brand.
  • Using this software, you may connect and operate a number of different toys all at once. - Nicole, United States


Until the motor stopped working after approximately six months of use, I had no problems with this device.

  • I attempted to get in touch with LVS because this device was covered by their one-year warranty policy.
  • When I did, they informed me that they might be able to provide me with a replacement, but they never got back to me after that.
  • They have not responded to any of the several emails that I have sent them.
  • Despite the fact that they initially had an excellent product, their personnel is unreliable and the amount they charge is NOT justified.
  • You are free to take a risk on the goods if you choose; but, you should be aware that if the product fails to meet your expectations, as it did for me, their customer service personnel will not be able to assist you in any way. - Kristen P, United States


There are a few things about Lovense Toys I would like to add: 

  • The charging port is located in the portion of the device that, you guessed it, goes in your vagina. Who is responsible for this!?
  • The dumbest thing that has ever been.I've had it for three weeks and used it three times, and the battery life is terrible.
  • Even when set to the lowest vibration level and given a FULL charge, it stops working after thirty minutes. I wouldn't say that it's really powerful.
  • However, it is of higher quality than others. These chatty women are over inflating their statements. Because of how pricey this item is, you might as well simply go to any sex store and buy a rabbit instead.
  • However, the app is quite great.The type of vibration, as well as the charging port, were both manageable for me. But not the battery life. Hello! I want to get off not feel disappointed. - Brittany Garber, United States

Detailed Review of Lovense

This page is dedicated to assessing Lovense vibrator products

We'll examine at the many vibrator types they provide, as well as an educational section for beauties who want to make money online by using their interactive gadgets on adult camming sites.

Discounts are also available for their other products, including Tenera, Exomoon, Dolce, Max, Nora, Lush, Diamo, Calor, Gush, Hush, Ambi, Edge, Domi, Osci, Sex Machine, Ferri and so on.

If you're only searching for a discount coupon code to use while purchasing a Lush 3 vibrator, head to the company's official website to save 50%.

The Bluetooth adapter for your PC/Laptop may cost an additional $5, however it is included with the original purchase. Amazon Alexa and smartphones are frequently chosen as the primary devices for product activation and usage by non-cam users.


The Lovense Lush vibrator is completely waterproof.

Lovense also sells these things on Amazon, however because they are sex toys, they may not be shipped to all areas or discreetly - notably Arab/Muslim countries (and India, where sex toys are often not allowed, albeit tolerated), or to territories where Amazon cannot ship.


We recommend using the above link to buy straight from the company's website, since they can ship vibrators in discreet packaging from their main China location.

It will also get to your home faster.

Shipping time for Lovense vibrators might range from 2 to 3 business days.

All Lovense orders are billed and shipped discreetly.



Official Lovense User Guide Section:

Lovense has created an official user guide that includes Getting Started articles with pictures and videos.

They cover all sorts of topics from Turning Devices ON/OFF, Charging, Troubleshooting, Using Lubricants, Connecting your device with the Lovense App using iPhone or an Android Phone, Connecting with a PC, Programming your Vibrators and much more.


App Download:

Lovense has created a sophisticated but simple-to-use app for iPhones, Android Smartphones and Tablets.

They have also created a special Lovense App for Cam Models separately for you to download.

Lovense Bluetooth Vibrators Review

Lovense, often written Lovesense, is a manufacturer of bluetooth-powered vibrators that can be controlled remotely through the internet via a smartphone app.


Lovense sells the following vibrators, with pricing in US dollars; after using a 50% discount coupon code:


Lovense began operations in 2009 and eventually finished a successful IndieGoGo crowd fundraising campaign.

Basic Company Info

They are mostly situated in Hong Kong and Singapore, and they specialise in smart sex gadgets for long-distance couples.

Lovense frequently launches special advertising campaigns for holidays such as Valentine's Day, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas.Even the odd ones, like National Masturbation Day, which is commemorated every year on May 28.


Amazon does not deliver to every address. But no one is preventing you from going for it.

Personally, I'd stay with the official website.

Then there's the issue of price increases. Amazon charges sellers a fee, which is almost usually added to the final price of the item.

Although Lovense sells their vibrators on Amazon, ordering through their official website is significantly more convenient.

Why make a second trip or use a middleman to get the same thing? A common-sense solution would be to buy straight from rather than Amazon.


Lovense's top markets are presently the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, Germany, France, Colombia, Romania, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. India, with a population of over a billion people, is also coming up quickly.

Lovense vibrators being shown by a model

Arab countries such as Egypt, Jordan, and Lebanon look to be interested in Lovense's products.

In terms of overall sales, the UAE (especially Dubai and Abu Dhabi) and Qatar (particularly Doha), followed by Turkey, dominate the Muslim world.


Lovense experienced a modest public relations mishap in 2017 as a result of a tiny fault that allowed its vibrators to inadvertently begin recording its users' sex sessions.

When the problem was discovered, it was swiftly resolved. Hytto Ltd., its parent firm, apologised sincerely for the app-programming mistake.


Every year in April, Lovense organises an orgy event in which Twitter users (those who wish to join in this loveless but practical passion fest) may operate one other's vibrators using the Remote or Connect app via the internet.

The hashtags #LovenseOrgy and #Lovense are commonly used to advertise this event. It goes without saying, but it bears repeating, that you must be at least 18 years old to join this group.


Lovense's main competition is most likely Vibease.

Something tells me that Lovense's parent company will eventually buy them out, owing to the fact that they have successfully absorbed more than 80% of the bluetooth-powered vibrator sector.

With the potential exception of KIIROO's Fleshlight series, which incorporates VR technology, its competitors include Lelo, ZALO, OhMiBod, We-Vibe, Elvie, and MysteryVibe.

In reality, KIIROO will win in the long run if any firm can beat them at their own game. But not today; Lovense is ferociously leading the pack for the time being.


The following are the most often used Lovense Blueotooth vibrator features:

  • Lovense Remote App fully supports Audiosesires: You may create a totally immersive experience by synchronizing any Lovense toy with sexy sounds.

  • Vibrations based on a patented tip.

  • Vibrations caused by sound.

  • Lovense's whole product line is supported.

  • Users can engage in private virtual sex (VR porn).

  • Splitcamming is possible.

  • In your chat room, you may set up personalised auto-replies and toy response notifications.

  • For more responsive shows, use Lovense SmartCam or OBS Toolset.

  • Play games like Keno and Dice, for example, and your toy will vibrate based on the outcome of the dice.


Customers for Lovense number in the tens of thousands.

Many of them have written about their online experiences with their products.

Simply search for it. However, due to the sensitive nature of such topics, you will only be allowed to examine a limited amount of data.


Earn Money By Signing for Lovense Affiliate Program

Cam Models and professional webmasters may also join their affiliate network and earn 15% to 30% commission when their clientele purchase Lovense Bluetooth vibrators.


Contact Lovense Company

Lovense has a great customer service record. Technical and Sales support is provided through an email-based ticket system. Email Lovense Support




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